5 Pro Tips To Grow Your Youtube Channel In 2020,Increase Subscribers And Views On Your Youtube Channel

 Trick And Tips Which Will Help Growing Your  Youtube Channel 

Hey Buddy,

Have You Started A Youtube Channel? 
Are You A Youtube Beginner? 

So You May Have Definitely Encountered These Questions Atleast Once :

  • How To Your Youtube Channel ?
  • Why My Youtube Videos Not Getting Views ?
  • How To Increase Subscribers And Views On My Youtube  Channel ?
  • What Are Some Ways To Grow My Youtube Channel Fast ?
  • Why My Youtube Channel Not Getting Views
  • What Should I Post To Grow My Youtube Channel
  • How To Boost Youtube Channel  Using SEO
And So On......

Well In Today's Article I Am Gonna Tell You 5 Pro Tips To Grow Your Youtube Channel

So Here Is Today's Index
  1. Topic Analysis 
  2. Engagement Strategy 
  3. Rank Your Video With CBS 
  4. Force Thumbnail 
  5. YouTube SEO

1. Topic Analysis

The Most Common Mistake Many Youtube Beginners Make
They Create A Video  Without Proper Research 

The Main Reason For This Is That 
Many Of Us Think That For Doing Keyword Research They Need Keyword Research Tools Which Are Paid

Well There Is No Such Condition In Youtube 
Yes, You Don't Need Any Research Tool For Youtube 

All You Need To Follow Steps Which I Have Mentioned Below 
This Steps Will Improve Your Ranking In Youtube Search :
  • Type The Topic In Youtube Search Box On Which You Want To Make Video
  • See The Top 10 Results And Analyse Their Views
  • If The Top 10 Videos Have Views Under 100k Then Don't Make A Video On It
  • Find Keywords With 1 Million+ Views
  • Then Write Down Keywords Used In top 10 video's Title
  • Now Choose 3 Keywords Common In Every Video
  • Now Use This Keywords In Your Video's Title

2. Engagement Strategy 

The Important Thing According To Youtube Algorithm Is To Measure Engagements On The Video

What is Engagement? 
While Watching Your Video 
What Different Actions Your Viewers Do 
For Example: Like,Dislike,Comment,Subscribe,Share

Higher The Engagements, Higher The Rankings

You May Have Seen 
That Videos With Less Views Are Also Sometimes Comes On Youtube Trending Page
Because Their Engagements Are Good

So How To Increase Engagements On YouTube Video? 

Follow These Steps :
  • Always Ask A Question In Your Videos And Tell Your Viewers To Answer Them In Comments
  • Request Your Viewers To Like Or Dislike The Video...But Don't Let Them Leave Without Responding 
  • Ask Them To Share Your Video

3. Rank Your Youtube Video With CBS

This Is The Best Ways To Grow Your Youtube Channel Or Video 

CBS means Click Back Strategy 

This Strategy Works 101% If You Apply it properly 

So Here Is CBS :
  • First Create A Video On Any Topic
  • After Uploading Video, Search The Keyword You Used In Your Title
  • Find Your Video,
  • For Example - Your Video is at 19 number in Youtube Search Results 
  • Now Sign Into Youtube With Different Email ID
  • Again Search The Keyword
  • Now Watch Top 3-4 Videos For Just 10 Seconds And Press Back
  • After Backing top 4 videos for 10 seconds, Now Scroll Down And Find Your Video And Watch It Completely 
  • Do This Everydays With 4 Accounts
You Will See Within A week aur video will come on 19 to 10
Because This Trick Will Convince Youtube's Algorithm That Your Video Is Useful And Interesting Than Top 1,2,3 Videos

Note: Do This Trick For Only 4 Times A Day With Different Accounts Or Mobile 

4. Force Thumbnail 

We Know That Thumbnail Is One Of The Factors Which Is Important To Increase CTR (click-through-rate)
It Simply Means 
How Many Peoples Click On Your Videos After Seeing

YouTube Promotes Your Videos
Through Suggestions,Recommend,People Also Watch 
But After Suggesting If Viewers Didn't Click On Your Video And Click On Videos Which Are Below Your Video
Then Youtube Will Promote Their Videos

Here Where Force Thumbnail Comes To Work

Force Thumbnail Means
The Thumbnail Which Forces Users To Click On The Video

Better The Thumbnail Better The CTR

So Here The Question is How To Create A Good Thumbnail? 

Well i Will Recommend You To Always Create A Thumbnail With Following Points :
  • The Thumbnail Should Always Have To Be Mysterious 
  • The Thumbnail Should Be On Trending Topics
  • The Thumbnail Should Not Include These Colours - Red,White,Black
  • The Thumbnail Should Be Funny Sometimes 

5. YouTube SEO

The Overall Game To Rank Your Videos On Youtube Depends On SEO  (search engine optimization )

Always Remember 
Create Videos For Viewers And Title And Descriptions For Search Engines 

In Simple Language
Create A Good And High Quality  Content For your audience and
Put  Good Titles and Description For search engines

So What Is Good Description and title here

Good Title Means It Should Contain 2 Main Keywords And More Than 3
For Example If Your Are Making A Video On How To Learn Digital Marketing 
Then The Title Should Look Like This

- What Is Digital Marketing | Learn Digital Marketing In 60 Minutes

And The Description Should Be Loaded With Main Keywords And Related Keywords Indirectly 

Indirectly Means 
Don't Just Add Keywords In Your Description 
And Keywords With Details 

For Example :

Hello Friends,
In Today's Video I Am Teach You What Is Digital Marketing 

Many Peoples Want To Learn Digital Marketing 
So They Go Take Digital Marketing Course

Well I Have Free Digital Marketing Course For You

In Above Example I Have Used Main Keywords Such As : What Is Digital Marketing,Learn Digital Marketing 

And Related Keywords Like :Digital Marketing Course,Free digital marketing Course

So This Defend My Video To Encounter Spam Issue
And Help Search Engines to find my video

Also Don't Forget To Add Tags On Your Videos 
They Are Less Important For Your Rankings 
But Sometimes They Help Us RANK On Keywords we have forget to add on our video

So That's It Friends , The Were 5 Pro Tips To Grow Youtube Channel 

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